13 WiziWig Alternative Sites ' Top Best Alternatives

Hey Are you looking for sites like WizWig was one of the best sites for your sports update. This site is an important platform for telecasting your game shows and find the updates anytime. You might be interested in Football, basketball or rugby. Get the updates, live telecast and different information related to American games.

WizWig was an excellent choice for watching sports online. But it has been stopped a year ago. Now, you can't catch your favorite games from online like before. So you must be looking for some alternatives to WiziWig, which will do the same part and will give you a better update at a lower charge. Here is the list of the Wiziwig alternatives that are always with you. Just go through the list and you will find perfect sports streaming sites.


1. 12thplayer

This site is dedicated to football. You can get all latest update of Football from here. The live support and regular updates will all be directed to you. Subscription is free at this site. So you will have to go through some of the ads at this site. If you can manage that, the best site for football lovers is before you.

2. CricFree

Cricfree is all about cricket enthusiasts. You will get all cricket related stuff here. It lets you watch the same match which you watch on TV after paying monthly subscription fee. You can live stream leading sports channels here as well. Cricfree is a free streaming site to watch your favorite sports. we provide the best alternatives for you, can you see all this alternatives.

3. VIP Leagues

This is a great channel for your sports entertainment. You can get all sports update and live streams of all the games at this site. Not only football, or rugby, you can catch live stream for all sports. This is the best part of the channel. In fact, there is no game that is not there in this streamline. So, once you get to the site, you are free to browse anything and watch the live matches and updates.

4. LiveTV

LiveTV is a free web portal to live stream current games and tournaments around the world. It's completely free of charge. You need to register an account to access all of its content. It's perfectly alright.

5. OffsideStreams

Turn your android device into a set-top box. You are really going to enjoy the live TV shows and games over your smartphone. You can find the games and the shows on your laptop or in your smartphone, on the go. You will have to go through the updates, with a browser. Use the latest browser or a browser that is regularly updated. Otherwise, you are not going to get the display.

6. SportP2P

People are getting more and more active on the internet and so TV channels are providing streaming services across multiple devices. Most people follow one or two sports around the globe. SportP2P lets you watch recent games from all around the world.

7. BatManStream

BatManStream is another place to stream live matches in any categories such as of football, baseball, racing, rugby, tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, NFL and several others. It's very easy to use. Just go to BatManStream and click on your favorite sport and choose the match to view in full HD. You have to create an account or download the extension to stream matches without any hindrance.

8. Wiziwig New

This is a free tool and you can watch the shows live across the world. So, not only football, tennis, and rugby but watch Cricket games too over this site. All the games, you know and you do not know are listed in the site with a live streaming facility. This is a perfect alternative of wiziwig, although most of the time, it is rated to be even a better one.


9. Stream2Watch

Are you still looking for a website to stream sports online from your computer? You should try Stream2Watch then. It's a free online live streaming website to watch all sports within one place. It has everything that you want to see whether it's cricket, football, tennis, badminton, wrestling, rugby, motor sport, NHL, hockey, golf and so many other sports and games. Just Sign up with your email to streaming any sports in HD for free.

10. NewSoccer

Complete football update is there on the site. All the international football games and club games, in all the continents, are there listed on the site. You can get the scores and updates all the time, but the most admiring fact is that you can get a steady live stream. This is going to give you a fabulous support over the games and over football especially.